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Why You Should Buy Gold and Silver

If you are NOT interested in providing a hedge against inflation and protecting your investments, there is no need to read any further.

Smart investors are buying up gold and silver bullion as fast as they can including major countries. Some countries are even urging the populace to buy gold. WHY?

In times of political and economic uncertainty, gold has consistently provided a safe haven for investors. Gold is a well accepted form of an alternate currency. Gold does well during times of inflation and when the stock and bond market are struggling. Gold has shown a consistent increase in value since the 1920s.

Paper money is just paper; Gold is real money! How much real money do you have?

Gold has a very long and impressive history dating from ancient times to the present. What is so attractive about gold? Of all the metals, gold is the easiest to work with, and there is a limited supply. It never tarnishes or corrodes; it is always brilliant and has been linked to royalty and deities since the beginning of time.

In ancient times, gold was primarily used for ornamental purposes, including shrines, jewelry, idols, etc. After 700 BC, civilizations started minted gold into coins, and it quickly became a standard of wealth and trade. Gold is well accepted now if you are in Rome or in New York. Gold has universal appeal.